Swiss Tag Heuer Tourbillon Replica Watches

Tag Heuer Tourbillon Replica Watches

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Tourbillon ideas that will put an escapement frame (Carriage) within the frame around a pivot axis which is the balance wheel spinning 360 degrees . In this way, the original escapement is fixed, thus changing the rest position when the table when the escapement constant, resulting in a discontinuity with the escapement parts of the error generated ; when the escapement mechanism 360 degree rotation stop up when the azimuth error will together parts , cancel each other , thereby eliminating the errors. Tourbillon now generally 1 360 rpm , is the ideal rotation speed.

The principle is that when Tourbillon watch in a vertical position to compensate the effect of gravity . In other words , when a clock in the vertical position, the pull of gravity from its adjustment controller , that is, the balance wheel and escapement spring , the swing will occur at each speed imperceptible changed. If the controller is installed in a regulating one rotation per minute " cage frame ", the series of the vertical position can be obtained . So that we can make very accurate clocks when walking , and can complement each other errors. This principle seems to be very simple, but implementing it is another matter . One of the reasons is that "cage box" and tourbillon weight can not more than 0.3 grams or 0.013 ounces - equivalent to the weight of a swan feathers or two parrot feather weight. Another reason is that it is fine by the 72 components , most of which is handmade!

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